Produktion von Hardcover-Notizbüchern

The notebook is not just a beautiful desk accessory. It is an integral part of our day. In it we write all the important notes - from meetings to "and not to forget" to the scribbles that help us to think focused and make important decisions at work. That is why it is especially important for the notebook to be stable as a workmanship in order to withstand everyday use, and at the same time for the paper we write on to give us pleasure. Europrint Bulgaria notebooks also provide many opportunities for advertising your business to customers - in addition to the cover itself is branded with your vision, we can also add advertising inserts in places inside. We can offer both the most commonly used paper 80 g offset and paper with higher quality indicators such as 100 g Extra offset, 100 g Onyx, 90 g double-sided chrome matte, we can also use attractive offset papers with different cream colors. We may brand each sheet of the notebook with your logo or other inscription or information. The sizes of the notebooks can be both standard A4, A5, A6, and at your request and set non-standard size. We do not work according to a template, but according to your needs and desires. Capturing notebooks also has many possibilities. In Europrint Bulgaria we can produce for you notebooks with hot gluing, notebooks with spiral, notebooks with rings.
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