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Notepad is one of the most convenient tools for work both in the office and outside it. Taking notes during meetings, courses and seminars, drawing diagrams, passing notes to colleagues and many other actions make the notebook a necessary and indispensable product. Adding the fact that being branded with the logo of our company, each sheet is an advertising medium turns out to be irreplaceable.
A notebook is a number of printed sheets, usually glued on the narrow top side, and can be spiraled if desired. In most cases, each sheet is branded with the logo, at the bottom of the sheet are the company's contacts. The sheets can be both white and with printed lines, squares, graph paper, dots. The dimensions of the notebook are arbitrary, in most cases A4, A5 but can be 10/20 cm or 20/20 cm for more attractiveness. For greater luxury we can also offer a cover made of harder cardboard.
In Europrint we can produce for you a notebook branded with your logo, in the size you want.
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