Planers Printing

Planers are large sheets of calendars for planning important events. They are convenient for managers and team leaders who need to keep an eye on processes and deadlines. The most convenient sizes of these gliders are A1 and A2. A calendar for the whole year with weekends and holidays is printed on the glider. We can add at the request of the client a variety of information - week number, public holidays and names of days, phases of the moon, important dates in the history of your company, etc. The glider is large enough to take notes in the box for each date. They are usually printed on matte paper so that it can be written with any typewriter.
The glider is among the preferred corporate gifts because it allows a variety of designs and the ability to integrate your company logo in different ways. Contact Europrint to discuss the glider model, number and size together. We deliver the printed gliders free of charge within the city of Sofia. For an offer, please fill in the contact form below.

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