Paper Bottle Bags with Cotton Handles - Unbranded.

Paper bottle bags (unbranded) are a wonderful finishing touch to a thoughtful gift, whether personal or corporate. Paper bags are usually branded and part of the corporate identity. When it's done well, it's "walking the streets" advertising. :-) For the production of paper bags, special papers must be used - with stronger indicators, kraft, chrome, offset. Very often they are laminated or varnished for a more impressive effect. The sizes depend on the bottles that we will give away, at the same time we take into account the rational use of paper.

40x10+8 - height, width, floor

Due to the specifics of making the paper bags, the cost-effective quantities are over 500 pieces, with the minimum quantity being 10 pieces. Order the bags you want using the Europrint Bulgaria e-shop below!
Europrint Bulgaria will produce a paper bag for you, so your customers will not want to leave it.
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