Notebooks with hot gluing

Europrint hot glue notebooks bring the feeling of a good book. The cover can be soft or hard, often our customers add an elastic closure. The choice of sheets for hot glue notebooks is extremely diverse. You can choose between white sheets, with rows, squares or dots. We can also include information pages with phones, maps, etc. at the customer's request. Covers can be branded with colors and elements that match the corporate identity. They can also be monochromatic, and the choice of colors is almost unlimited. Customers of Europrint Bulgaria often combine cardboard and laminate for the cover of the notebook with hot gluing to give a truly memorable effect to the product. In the notebook itself we can place advertising inserts with important information for your business, new products, memorable dates, etc. We are ready to discuss the variety of materials and techniques used in the production of notebooks with hot gluing with each of our clients in order to meet its requirements and goals.
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