Production Notebook with Laser logo on the cover

Notebook with laser cut logo
New and innovative technology for branding notebooks that we use. The logo is cut with a laser beam in the cover of the notebook and thus a very interesting and effective 3D effect is obtained. Our main goal is to make things different so that your customers and partners will remember you using your notebooks.
The notebook is the means in which we write daily and keep all the important notes, from meetings, and "let's not forget". That is why it is especially important that it is stable as a workmanship to withstand everyday use and at the same time the paper on which we write gives us pleasure. Notebooks with a laser-cut logo have many opportunities for advertising - in addition to the cover itself is branded, we can also add advertising inserts in places inside. Here we can offer a variety of both paper and bright, warm colors that can diversify your everyday life. We may brand each sheet of the notebook with your Logo or other inscription or information. The sizes of the notebooks can be both standard A4, A5, A6, and at your request. We want the notebooks produced by nat to be enjoyed and desired by your customers and partners.

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