Making paper bags with handles

Paper bags are a wonderful end to a gesture of attention, such as a gift - personal or corporate. Paper bags are usually branded and part of the corporate identity. When made with quality, it is "walking the streets" advertising. :-) For the production of paper bags should be used special papers - with stronger strength, kraft, chrome, offset. They are often laminated or varnished for a more impressive effect. The sizes are very diverse, but here, as with other products, there are certain "standard sizes" for which we have the necessary tools and in which paper is used rationally.
36x24 + 9 - height, width, fold
17x10 + 7 - height, width, fold
16x15 + 7 - height, width, fold

Due to the specifics of making paper bags, the cost-effective quantities are over 500 pcs, with a minimum quantity of 100 pcs. Contact us via the inquiry form below and we will send you our offer within the next 24 hours.
Europrint Bulgaria will produce a paper bag for you, so your customers will not want to leave it.

We look forward to receiving your inquiries! :-)

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