Making cardboard boxes

The cardboard box is what we see at first glance from each product. It is widely believed that the package sells! For this reason, it is very important that the cardboard box is well shaped to look good to catch the eye, on the one hand, on the other hand to do its main job by packaging and protecting the product in it.
Cardboard boxes can be used for food, bottles, sweets, candies, gifts and much more from here comes the great variety of sizes and shapes.
The experience of Europrint Bulgaria is many years, our specialists are excellently prepared and with many years of experience in the design of packaging, we have specialized software for designing boxes. our clients from different industries consult with us. For each cardboard box we make a prototype to see what it looks like and whether the cardboard is chosen correctly, the dimensions, the shape of the box. If necessary, adjustments are made only after the desired result is achieved and serial production is started.
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