Making binders

Binders are a convenient and durable way to store and sort documents, correspondence and contracts. They are absolutely necessary for the clear organization of the document flow in each company and are used often. Then why not be an integral part of your corporate identity and wear your logo? The sizes of the binders, as well as the ways of holding the documents inside are extremely diverse. The binder can have 4 or 2 holes, with rings or a mechanism for catching the pages. Depending on the volume of sheets, we can make thinner or thicker binders. Usually the sizes are A5 and A4, but we can also make them in non-standard sizes to impress your customers. Extremely durable and functional, binders are among the preferred stationery for branding. Europrint Bulgaria has 23 years of experience in the production of advertising binders. Contact us via the contact form below to prepare an offer for branding document binders as soon as possible. Orders for Sofia are delivered free of charge.

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