Making a wall work calendar "Quatro"

The Quatro wall work calendar is the largest of the standard series of cavities of the Evoprint printing house. It has four bodies and is designed for people who plan their engagements very early. For convenience, there is a window that monitors the date of the calendar. The Quatro work calendar has the most space for advertising and information.
Format of the whole calendar 31/87 cm.
4 bodies with one month each, size 31 x 15.5 cm.
2 + 0 offset 80 gr., With window;
Advertising space: head - 31 x 17.5 cm;
Three fascicles of 1.5 cm each.
One bead 2 cm (bottom).
The team of Europrint Bulgaria will be happy to advise you on the different versions of wall work calendars "Quatro" with four months and how they can be customized according to the requirements of your brand.
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