NFC paper

PowerCoat Alive is the world’s first chip paper to offer unlimited marketing opportunities. It is easy to use, with a clear design and does not require product adaptation. There is no monthly fee and no restrictions on clicks and links.
This type of paper offers high levels of security – the chip is built-in and can not be copied. Labels are very thin and can be easily integrated into packaging and at the same time extremely durable – withstand up to 200° C for a few minutes and up to 50 bar pressure. The paper does not contain plastic and can be recycled and also has an FSC® certificate.

What is the advantage of this technology for brands?
One of the most important features for the brands is that the URL entered in the chip can be changed. ALIVE can be printed and processed like any other paper. This allows advertisements in magazines, packaging, retail labels, books, cosmetics and other high value printed materials to be interactive and provide additional content such as special offers, coupons, product information, and others.
The paper also gathers information about consumer behavior. Brands can get huge amounts of data through dedicated analysis platforms, allowing them to actually measure the impact of their campaigns and better understand customer behavior. The platform gives access to information such as the number of scanned sheets and geo-localization (where the label is scanned).

What is NFC technology?
Near Field Communications (NFC) is a technology that allows smartphones and other devices to communicate with each other by touching or approaching in close proximity. The radio frequencies from the phone generate enough power to feed the pre-programmed circuitry, eliminating the need for a battery.

How does this technology find application in paper?
One PowerCoat Alive worksheet consists of three layers: two layers of paper, including a PowerCoat layer with a pre-printed RFID scheme and a silicon chip. The 3 sheets are then laminated. The result is paper that can be programmed to trigger multiple features on any NFC enabled device.

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