Which is the right kind of paper for your product?  

Choosing paper is the most important aspect of the printing process, as it is largely related to product quality and end cost. Have you ever thought about how many types of paper are there and what can we use it for? We will now tell you about the most commonly used types in the press:

Chemistry paper is mainly used for stamp printing such as invoices, receipts and other forms. What is characteristic of it is that it can be used for both offset and digital printing, and a copy is created without the use of indigo, due to the special coating.

Offset (unpainted) paper is the most commonly used paper. Usually it is used for printing letterheads, leaflets, work calendars, and its main advantage is high whiteness. Available in any color variety.

Craft paper is suitable for packaging of different products from everyday life. This type of paper is used for the production of paper bags, for example. Their advantage is that they are greener, cheaper and durable.

Chromium (coated) paper has a wide application – from brochures to luxury catalogs, business cards, folders, and more. It can be matte, glossy or satin. Weight is important, depending on the product you want to produce.

Specialized art paper – the variety of colors and textures is enormous. Some of the best producers are in Italy, and the papers are used for packaging, special brochures, invitations, calendars, artistic publications.

The process of making a printed product begins with the choice of paper and graphic design – they are inextricably linked. Тhen the printing method as well as the finishing processes are selected to complete the product. That’s how we’ve been working the last 20 years!

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