Paper formats and sizes

We all know that the most famous size for print paper is A4. But do you know what format BO or ​​A6 is used for?

In international standard paper formats the most common are the A series. They are part of ISO 216, along with B-format and C-format papers.

In ISO “A” sizes, the printer paper is mainly included, where the dimensions A0 and A1 being used for technical drawings and posters. For diagrams for projectors, you could use the A1 and A2 formats, and for drawings, diagrams and large format tables A2 and A3. The most common A4 format is used to make catalogs, letters, magazines, and even forms. Among the notebooks and notepads, A4 is the most commonly used, and in a smaller version – A5. And did you know that postcards are size A6?

Paper formats B, in particular B5 and B6, are used for books, and B4 for newspapers, this format being supported by most copy machines. Another commonly used paper format is the B8 (also A8) in which the playing cards are made. We use B0 format primarily for posters, just like A0 format.

Paper formats C are used for envelopes that are suitable for the placing of A4-size documents. A C4-size envelope can assemble a complete sheet of A4, C5 – folded one sheet A4, and C6 – a double folded A4 sheet or easily said, the figure after the “C” indicates the appropriate size of “A” sheet that can be fitted in the envelope.

Take a look at the diagrams shown to get a more detailed look at the size of the paper sizes:

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