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What our clients say about our work

During the last period of the joint activity the relationship between the two companies has always been distinguished with correctness and were of a very high professional level. From our mutual working experience we can say that in "Europrint  ...

Graphic Design
Graphic design is the art in printing.
It starts the whole printing process: shooting, shaping frames and pages, choice of font and colour, creative solutions and individual approach.

The engineering part of designing the Edition.
Prepress is mandatory and very responsible stage in the production of printed materials.

Offset Printing
Main activity of "Europrint Bulgaria" Ltd. Is offset printing. This is the most widespread technology that allows printing with high quality on paper and cardboard.

Digital printing
With our digital machine we are able to print your desired products within 15 minutes

Finishing processes
Here, where the product receives a final vision and brilliance.
After printing your product continues its way to the bookbinding workshop.

Visual communication
If you want to be seen and find easily...
If you are in a new office and you need advertising signs again you are in the right place.

Each of us likes to receive a gift, why not give something and to our clients?
We all love gifts.

Storage and Distribution
Convenient solutions and after production.
Once you have made your order your work is over.