Notebook whit USB

The notebook with USB is a combination of tradition and the modern contemporary digital world.
The notebook is traditionally the means in which we write daily and keep all important notes, from meetings, and "let's not forget". In today's modern digital times, we have developed a variant in which a USB memory is attached to the cover. This makes this USB notebook a very convenient and attractive gift. We can write both in the notebook and, if necessary, quickly and conveniently in the memory.
We are able to produce notebooks in different sizes, with different design covers and inside pages.
The notebook with USB has many opportunities for advertising - the cover itself is branded with your vision, various branded USB sticks such as models and capacities, branding of each inner page as well as advertising inserts between the sheets of the body of the notebook. We can offer a wide variety of papers such as color and type, which will diversify your everyday life.
We do not work as standard, but we comply with your needs and desires.

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